hey guys i know that i have not been posting for half a year i think and this blog is deserted.I feel like deleting this blog and i dont wanna do something that i’ll regret in the future.Most of the people i know here like Eli,Fruit99punch,Liyala,Beth and more you guys have been a big impact on my life.I’ve never had friends this close before cause i had this stupid attitude where everyone would just take a glance and back off.It’s either i keep it private or just delete it.I know none of the people here are gonna read it so i’m keeping in private and the day when you’re not gonna see this blog anymore is on 5 April.

I deleted my youtube accout and made a new one about crafts so dont look at the Cheats and Glitches page,my youtube account it’s another fake name,so i dont think you can find me there.I think most of you that follow me from starting till the end will know almost everything about me,my rude attitude and how i look like.If im not mistaken in my older post there’s picture of my deleted.

~Mae Jill


Fantage updates

Hey everyone, again. I’m really sorry I didn’t post about the turkey event and other updates, but I’m really busy 😦 Anyways, if you want to know some new Fantage updates, read!

Get double the eCoins!

Wow! When you buy eCoins, you’ll get double of them!

Special items

There’s just a limited amount available so buy them while they last! They’re available from 11/23 – 11/26

New furniture

New furniture is available, all of it is only for members >.<


They all look so awesome! The bird chair and the tree chandelier are luxurious items.

I love the bird ice sculpture and the bird chime. Both of them are luxurious items.

I’ll post about the new houses later. Thanks for reading!

~ Fruit99Punch

Fantage updates!

Hey everyone

Fruit99Punch posting. Soz I haven’t posted lately 😳

I’m here to tell you some Fantage updates again!

Rock n’ school!

Fantage is releasing something called Rock n’ school , I wonder what it is 😛

New premium member gift!

New premium member gifts!

New hairstyles 🙂

They look pretty cute :mrgreen: I need to earn stars now -.-

~ Fruit99Punch

Fantage updates!

Hey guys!

Fruit99Punch posting! Sorry , long time no post 😳


Fantage in the future is now released!


I’ll show you a little walkthrough about Fantage in the future!

I wished we could have a future world in real…its quite amazing going to space and stufffz!

Event Information :

Going into space

You can go into space by clicking “Go into space” or a little button under mini quest!

Here is what Fantage space looks like :

Click on Venture to space to go out into space!

Shooting stars

To catch shooting stars , you need spacecrafts

Click on BUY

I have written how much each of the costumes cost above the costume

Wandering robots

In downtown , click on this man and start a game called Wandering robots!

You need to find some robots and you’ll get a free gift!

Note : The locations for everyone might differ so I am not posting the locations of each of the robots.

Transformer pod!

You can transfer your avatar on the transforming pod which looks like this :

BUT you need some special costumes which you can purchase ONLY if your a MEMBER.

Very unfair 😥

Event movie

You can watch the event movie by click this :

Limited Items

Also check out the limited items cart (only for members)

Changed Fantage

Fantage looks really future-type and awesome!


New boards!

Fantage released crystal phoenix board!

Other new boards are released too!

New moodies!

Some awesome new event moodies are out now!

They look pretty cute 😛

Hope it helped!

~ Fruit99Punch


Hey guys!

I’m planning to have a partayyyyy again in October and November for certain reasons.

Here is some basic information about the party.

Note ~ I’m gonna host TWO parties , one for Americans and one for Australians. Do try and be there as we’re gonna have LOTS of fun (not like my old party 😥 )

American partayyy

Aussie partayy!!

Vote if your coming!

For any more information you want , please comment!

~ Fruit99Punch

New Personal Blog

BEFORE ANYBODY DELETES THIS READ: I am only making this post so people know and know why I made this blog

I made a new personal blog so when in a few years (maybe even this year, who knows) I get bored of fantage, I’ll still be able to post on a blog. Also if I ever want to see what I did or felt on a certain day in the future, I can just look back

Also, this isn’t saying i’m leaving this blog by the way, but here’s a link if anybody is interested.


No posts

Hey everyone

I feel so bad for not posting, please forgive me. It’s just well, truth to told i’m a lazy bugger, but I love you forever ❤ anyway

I promise to try and update very soon 🙂 see ya


Wonderland Online

hey i found out a new game not this year i found it since 2009 but i stopped playing since i found fantage but fantage is SICK i hate fantage everything is for members…so im playing wonderland online click this link to play but u gotta download it though.i played it before its very awesome!!!!but some tasks are hard u get to fight monsters build furniture with ur own material its sooooooooooooooooo much fun.i have a teacher who told me bout this game hehe my teacher plays it also XP and u get to choose what power u want theres fire,water,earth,wind (i think =P) for me ill choose FIRE!!!!!i have lots of account and i forgotten all the passwords and usernames but if u see me there add me (if u even play) my username is MaeJill then u can have a girl or pet following u around helping u attack bad peoples.theres a girl that will follow u since u help them around the village. if  u try to attack the villagers u will be inside a soup bowl (im not playing now cause i havent download it but i remember some im gonna find pictures)

hahaha yea thats so weird and awesome rite.if u play wonderland online go check this website out it actually tells u what tasks/missions u have im showing the kelan village one actually but u could search for others. see yaa

next time ill post more bout wonderland online NOT fantage (cause i hate it)


ok so im not gonna update my blog again so just to let u all know that i might be on fantage for those people have not added me on fantage try to…i accepts everyones add BUT ILL STILL reply to comments or accept so yeaa